The Characters

Maisy Anderson

Hair: Red (real colour: ???)

Eye Colour: Blue

Birthday: November 9th

Zodiac: Scorpio

Favourite Food: Chicken Nuggets

Favourite Colour: Red

Aspires to be: Nothing in particular

Blood Type: O

Maisy is Syd's best friend. She is loud, active, intrusive, and cunning. She may be impulsive and unpredictable - but she somehow always seems to be in control of any situation she finds herself in. She loves gossip, flirting, make-up, and making Syd uncomfortable for fun. Despite how crudec she can be, she a more vulnerable side when it comes to her sick little brother. She also recently got a boyfriend - which has given way to some conflicting feelings within Syd.

Jayda Silvestri

Hair: Pink (natural is dark brown)

Eye Colour: Brown

Birthday: January 10th

Zodiac: Capricorn

Favourite Food: Sushi

Favourite Colour: Orange

Aspires to be: Artist

Blood Type: A

Jayda is Maisy's childhood best friend. Syd got to know her through Maisy, and it wasn't long before Jayda fell head-over-heels for Syd. She's a complete dork and weaboo. She will happily gush about anime, video games, and art at anytime. She's bubbly, endearing, and honest to a fault. But she also sometimes has trouble standing up for herself and believing in her own ability. She spends her free drawing and indulging her inner weeb.

Stephanie Azoulai

Hair: Chestnut Brown

Eye Colour: Brown

Birthday: June 8th

Zodiac: Gemini

Favourite Food: Banana bread

Favourite Colour: Blue

Aspires to be: Musician

Blood Type: B

Steph is the apple of Syd's eye. Steph is a quiet and gentle girl with an aura of coolness that can't be pierced. However, this coolness does sometimes lead her to seem a bit cold or aloof at times. She is often found with a book in her hands. When she's not reading, she's practicing on some variety of musical instrument for her classes. Her personal life is a mystery to Syd and his friends - despite some having known her for years.